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TV Wall Mount – Goodbye crappy TV speakers and soar neck! Hello beautiful picture and sound!!!!

Over the winter break I finally got around to mount my TV on the wall!

I am a bit of a “baby audiophile” and I’ve been itching to bring a part of the home theater sound system into my family room! I couldn’t do that before because the TV was resting on the shelf and there was no room for my receiver and center channel… no receiver meant no big boy speakers either 😎. Also the TV was sitting too low, and it always put a strain on my neck when I tried to relax on my couches.😒

My neck and my ears had finally had enough!!!!

So, the solution was to mount my TV on the wall, free up the necessary shelf space, and be more comfortable when watching.

Read on to understand the reasons behind my methods, and check out my YouTube Video to see how I found MY best placement, and how I mounted the TV on the wall.

I was going to mount the TV on the wall anyways, so there is no point to wait for my “major renovation” of the family room. I can actually enjoy watching shows and movies NOW, so lets do it!

This is where the TV was before. Sitting just too low and no speakers 😢😢

Like anyone, I set out to the wild web to find out the most optimal, the BESTEST placement for my TV…. aaand I did not find it. One calculator placed my TV mounting height into the 2nd floor of my house, but my wife discouraged me from cutting the joists.

Anyways, a lot of the TV mounting guides and calculators dealt with optimal placements or the optimal size of screen and didn’t quite work for my 16.5ft seating position. But one thing was obvious from reading the guides, it comes down to the viewing angle and your comfort! Mount too high and you will tilt your neck upwards, mount too low and you’ll get a hunchback.

What matters is how comfortable you are in your couch/seating position and that your eyesight naturally goes to the center of the screen.

If your couch/seat is more reclined your eye sight will go upwards, and you will need to mount higher. If it is more upright then a lower position will be better.

So I found the vertical center of my wall, put up a vertical line. Got myself some fancy artwork and experimented placing it at different heights on my vertical center line. I adjusted the height of the artworks until I felt the most natural in my seating position. When looking at the center of the artwork I made sure that my neck is not straining up and down and that my eyesight naturally went straight to the middle of that art work. Once I found my favorite spot, I marked the horizontal center height of the TV.

I found two studs on the wall, levelled and mounted my bracket, hung up the TV and I was done!

Here is my TV wall mounting position and the eyesight angle. This works for my distance and my semi-reclined couch.

The mounting itself took about 30 minutes, and you can get a better idea by watching the video. Most of my time was spent getting the center lines, figuring out how high the TV should go, and organizing my cables.

So this is the final result!

I have to say… I REALLY, REALLY like watching the TV now. Maybe 50% of this enjoyment is actually having a proper sound system, but the placement of the TV is definitely a big improvement, it just feels good. I don’t have that urge to get another pillow or change position after a while, I was defiantly straining my neck before.

Sometimes you just don’t realize that you have been shortchanging yourself until you take a step and improve.