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    My Hallway Renovation – How to repair drywall, paint, and install baseboard molding and door casing!

    This Home Improvement project took a few weekends to get done, and I recorded a TON of footage for my YouTube video bellow. It took me a while to make this video so it’s finally here!

    In this video I cover:

    • How to repair and prep drywall, fix nail pop outs and cracks
    • How to prime and paint your walls
    • What primer and paint I used
    • How to install door trim/casing
    • How to install baseboard molding, and corners in particular
    • How to caulk door casing and baseboard molding

    I have enough footage on each of the above to do a detailed tutorial for each but the 10minute video will do for now. 😁

  • TV Wall Mount
    Home Improvement

    TV Wall Mount – Goodbye crappy TV speakers and soar neck! Hello beautiful picture and sound!!!!

    Over the winter break I finally got around to mount my TV on the wall!

    I am a bit of a “baby audiophile” and I’ve been itching to bring a part of the home theater sound system into my family room! I couldn’t do that before because the TV was resting on the shelf and there was no room for my receiver and center channel… no receiver meant no big boy speakers either 😎. Also the TV was sitting too low, and it always put a strain on my neck when I tried to relax on my couches.😒

    My neck and my ears had finally had enough!!!!

    So, the solution was to mount my TV on the wall, free up the necessary shelf space, and be more comfortable when watching.

    Read on to understand the reasons behind my methods, and check out my YouTube Video to see how I found MY best placement, and how I mounted the TV on the wall.

    I was going to mount the TV on the wall anyways, so there is no point to wait for my “major renovation” of the family room. I can actually enjoy watching shows and movies NOW, so lets do it!