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    DIY Disc Brake Service – How to Remove the Caliper and Bracket and Replace your Brake Pads and Rotors (2016 Mk7 VW Golf)

    I finally got around to finishing another video! This time I decided to focus on car maintenance and servicing your disc brakes. I have been doing my own brakes for over a decade now, and it is a somewhat simple job. It might seem intimidating at first, but once you do it and get the basic tools, you will breeze through it next time. It’s 4 basic BOLTS that you need to remove!!! You will need to invest in a few tools, and a good mechanic set, but those things will pay for themselves in the long run, and you get to keep them forever! Check out the video bellow to see how I did it, and read on for the parts and tools I used! 😎