First DIY Speaker Build ZX Spectrum Desing by Paul Carmody – Lessons Learned

I finally got around making another video. It has been tough getting back into it with all the work and personal life.
This time I want to showcase my first major DIY build that started it all for me. My Red DIY speakers, the ZX Spectrum. They are designed by Paul Carmody, the maker of the very famous DIY Speakers Overnight Sensations and Amiga. I think this was an overlooked design, because of it’s more expensive components.

Check out my latest DIY video 📺 bellow 😁.

I’ll let the video above do most of the talking and I will include some of my build pictures here.
In this video:

  • What to expect in my first DIY speaker’s build
  • DIY Speakers Overview
  • How I made my DIY Speakers
  • ZX Spectrum DIY Speakers

The ZX Spectrum speakers are a 2-way design with a rear firing port. They use the following drivers:

  • Woofer: Hi-Vi M6a 6.5″ Mid-Woofer (discontinued)
  • Tweeter: Bohlender Graebener Neo3-PDRW Planar Tweeter with Back Cup

Pics of the Tools 🙂

Pics of the Cabinet construction:

Pictures of the crossover and electrical testing:

Probable Replacement drivers

  • Woofer: Hi-Vi M6n 6.5″ Mid-Woofer (looks like an exact replacement to the M6a)
  • Tweeter: GRS PT2522C-4 3-1/2″ Planar Tweeter with Back Cup 4 Ohm (looks close enough to the B&G Neo 3 PDR, but not exact)

Paul’s Carmody’s Web Sites:
ZX Spectrum – Main
Amiga – Cabinet Design

Since Paul updated his website, his crossover diagrams are in thumbnail format and hard to see. I found the original sizes and put them on mine as well as some of my build pictures.

Let me know if you have any question! I hope this was informative.