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    Hello (DIY) World!


    Hello World!

    I wanted to do this for years, and I finally did it, a website where I can showcase some of my Do it Yourself (DIY) projects. I love building things on my own and get a great gratification from it. I hope that you can learn something new from my projects and get the confidence to tackle anything.

    Here is a bit about myself.

    I purchased my house about 8 years ago, and have been working on various hobbies and home improvement projects ever since. Those projects have spanned from building floor standing speakers, repairing high-end CD players, making a desk for my wife, renovating my kitchen and floors, building a closet, making lamps, making a flight simulator chair, repairing my car, maintaining my road bike, and many others. As you can tell from my list, DIY is a bit of a lifestyle for me and this blog will reflect this.

    Life is busy, work, family but I hope to keep this up. Lately I have been itching to make furniture 🙂




    DIY is a great way to save some $$, and who doesn’t like that 🙂