DIY Disc Brake Service – How to Remove the Caliper and Bracket and Replace your Brake Pads and Rotors (2016 Mk7 VW Golf)

I finally got around to finishing another video! This time I decided to focus on car maintenance and servicing your disc brakes. I have been doing my own brakes for over a decade now, and it is a somewhat simple job. It might seem intimidating at first, but once you do it and get the basic tools, you will breeze through it next time. It’s 4 basic BOLTS that you need to remove!!! You will need to invest in a few tools, and a good mechanic set, but those things will pay for themselves in the long run, and you get to keep them forever! Check out the video bellow to see how I did it, and read on for the parts and tools I used! 😎

You will need a good mechanic’s set and some extra tools to get this job done, and it sometimes depends on the car you have. I have a 2016 Golf Sportwagen, and I had to buy a Triple Square Drive Bits and to Tool Loan a break Compression Tool Set from PepBoys this time. I was able to service my other cars without those extra bits previously using common wrenches, ratchets, and a Torque Wrench. I have saved several thousand Dollars doing so over the years. A basic brake pad and Rotor Resurfacing (NOT replacing/removing the rotors) at our the Honda Civic is about $240, and it could easily run up to $400-$500 if you replace your rotors or if your car uses more “expensive” European parts or bigger brakes.
In the video I show you how to Remove the Caliper and Bracket and Replace your Brake Pads and Rotors on the 2016 Mk7 VW Golf. Read on for the tools, parts, and Torque Settings I used for this particular job. This is a very common dis brake system, so you can use this tutorial for general service for majority of cars.

  • How to use a scissor jack and remove your wheel safely
  • How to remove your caliper
  • How to remove your caliper/brake bracket
  • How to install a new rotor
  • How to use a Disc Brake Compressor Tool Set
  • How to install new brake pads
  • What tools to use when removing Disc Brakes


  • VW Roadside Assistance Kit (Jack and Wheel Removal)
  • 13mm and 17mm Wrenches (Caliper)
  • 22mm Wrench (Caliper Compression Tool)
  • 17mm 1/2in Deep/Wheel Socket and 1/2in Ratchet (Wheel Bolts)
  • 1/2in Torque Wrench – 10/20ft/lb -150ft/lb range
  • M14 Triple Square Drive Bit – (Caliper Bracket)
  • T30 Torx Bit and Matching Ratchet (Rotor removal)
  • Disc Brake Caliper Compressor Tool Set
  • Jack (Optional) – 1.5-3ton is appropriate for a car
  • Jack Stands (Optional)


  • Brake Pads RAYBESTOS EHT1779
  • Rotor RAYBESTOS 980798FZN
  • Brake Lubricant PERMATEX 85188

Optional Parts

  • Caliper Slide Pin CARLSON 14257
  • Caliper Slide Pin Boot CARLSON 16207
  • Brake and Parts Cleaner
  • Penetrating Catalyst PB B’LASTER 16PB
  • Wire Brush

Torque Specs (from 2015 Golf Mk7 Manual)

  • Brake Carrier Bolts – 66 ft-lb (90 Nm) +90deg
  • Brake Caliper Bolts – 26 ft-lb (35 Nm)
  • Rotor Bolt – 6 ft-lb (8 Nm)
  • Wheel Bolts – 88 ft-lb (119 Nm)

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And here are some photos 😎😁

Happy DIY!!!! 🔨🔧✌