DIY Road Bike Stand

The Road Bike Stand

So after a few weekends of chore projects I decided to make something fun and creative. I didn’t want to spend time designing anything, and I just wanted to get into building ASAP!

So here it is, (as my fiend called it) the “Trophy” road bike stand 🤣!

It definitely had the trophy/commemorative plaque kind of feel without the paintjob, but once I put some color on it, it looks pretty slick!

It took me about 2.5hours to make a functional bike stand, and 1/2 of that time was spent eyeballing dimensions and looking for my tools. Painting, also took about 2 hours, spread over a few days. So with a simple sketch, you can make yourself a functional stand in about an hour!👍

You can check out how I built the stand on my YouTube channel! I thought it would be an easy video to edit, as I decided not to explain any of the steps, but it turned out that it took me way longer to make the video then to make stand! I think I am getting better at editing, but I have to stop making 15 minute videos of me walking around, it’s a pain sift through and edit out the 30 seconds of actual content! I hope you enjoy!😁

I had some extra wood laying around from a “shelving project” that I never made. The shelves already had a 45 degree chamfer on 3 sides so that made my stand more attractive. Cut to size, and chamfer the remaining one or two edges! Eazy 😎…. if you don’t make mistakes! 😂

I decided to use two layers for my platform and horizontal tire supports, so that I get a stronger and heavier bike stand. You definitely some heft, and lower center of gravity for the stand. I used 3/4in pine, so it was kind of light, but it worked out.

I have an aluminum Road Bike, Cannondale CAAD 8 ( I call it Black 8), that weighs around 19-22lbs, and has standard 700x 25c tires. That means I have a very light bike with a 25mm (almost 1in) wide tire. So it wont take much to hold it up! So this stand will work well for your road bike, but not so much for a heavier/mountain bike. You will need to build something heavier.

Here are the critical dimensions for my Bike Stand to fit a road bike with 700x25mm (1in) wide tire. Pay attention to the tire support, it’s height is 4.5in, width 18in, and the gap for the tire is 1in! The tire stop/gap block is 1in wide, 2.5in tall and 3/4in thick.

Tire stop/gap block is 1in wide, 2.5in tall and 3/4in thick.

My wheels fit nice and snug! The little tire stops/gap blocks prevent the wheels from rolling out of the stand and to keep the 1in gap consistent.

For finishing I used spray-paints I had laying around. 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint, light sanding between coats. For primer I used Duplicolor automotive primer. For the base paint I used a Valspar flat red from Lowes (I don’t think they sell it anymore, I am sure there is another flat red). For the tire support I used black Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Coating.

I will definitely be making another bike stand, and next time I will be building off of plans that I will share! I learned a lot of dos and don’ts during this build, and I got some great ideas on improving the stand!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

Until next time, keep on making! 😎😎😎😎