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(Part 1) Banana Plugs – Different Styles Overview, Review, Sizing, and Wire Installation

In this video I will go over and review 8 different styles of speaker terminals/banana plugs and provide you with an overview of their different styles. I will review different banana plugs, show you the differences, show you the length and wire entry sizes, and how to attach the speaker wire. In Part 1 I will review the first four plugs, and at the end of the 2nd video (due in two weeks) I will go over my favorite designs. Check out Part 1 bellow and let me know what you think! Also read on bellow for additional information and links to the plugs I reviewed. ✌😎

📺 Part 2 is available now! 😎Follow the link or check the Blog for a complete list and information.

Before I get into it, I have to mention that I have decided NOT to recommend the Sewell Silverback plugs because several of the Banana tips came off as I was disconnecting cables as I regularly do! I think I got a bad batch of plugs, but that has never happened to me before. There are thousands of reviews on Amazon, and only a couple mention this issue. It seems like this is uncommon, nevertheless I will not be using them anymore!

Here is a list of the first four Banana Plugs that I will be reviewing.

The 1st Plug is the Monoprice Affinity Series 24k Gold Speaker Banana Plug, Black/Red. The Monoprice Plug is extremely similar in design but it doesn’t look like it will have the same quality control issue. It’s got more “matted gold plating” which they claim to be 24k, and much better Red/Black Shell casing.

Monoprice 2 Pair Affinity Series 24k Gold Speaker Banana Plug,Black/Red – Amazon

Monoprice 2 Pair Affinity Series 24k Gold Speaker Banana Plug,Black/Red – Monoprice

The 2nd plug I chose is a  High-Quality Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs, Closed Screw Type. It’s one of the cheapest options out there, and if you need a bunch of plug for cheap, it’s going to fit the bill. However it has some drawbacks and makes me uneasy with it’s loose banana tips and somewhat loose wire compression. This is a common design that can be found on many sites.

Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs Closed Screw Type – Amazon (can also find it on Monoprice)

For the 3rd plug I chose a Banana Plug Compression Type. It is one of the heftiest option the most METAL! It gives you two options to mount the wiring, a more high-end banana tip using “tines” instead of leafs, and a super quick wiring installation.

Banana Plug Pair Compression Type – PartsExpress

For the 4th plug I chose a Gold Plated Screw Type Banana Plugs 18-12 AWG. It’s a more unique design at the banana tip, it makes great contact with the speaker binding posts and I think it is less complicated and less prone to the tip failing like the Sewell Plugs. I like it very much.

Gold Plated Screw Type Banana Plugs 18-12 AWG – PartsExpress

Thanks for reading and watching the video so far, I hope you took something away from it and learned something new to DIY your own speaker wires. Until I release the Part 2, bellow is a pic of the entire lineup I am reviewing.