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DIY Speaker Cables – How to Build Your Own High Quality Speaker Wire (w/t Canare 4S11 Made in Japan)

How do you make speaker wire cables that can rival cables costing hundreds of dollars? Watch my video and read on of course! 😎

Cables, source for MUCH debate in the audio world. It’s “Snake Oil” vs “Your Just Deaf”! Can audio cables make your sound system sound better or different? Well, if you are like me, you will DIY your own pair of Venomous Snakes with an infinite amount of SNAKE OIL to lubricate your ears! 😮🐍😎🐍😂🐍

So here is the Krait Cable Build! Made form Canare 4s11 Oxygen Free Coper Wire (Made in Japan), in a star quad configuration to give you an 11 gauged wire! Paired with solid brass banana plugs, with two set screws that will keep that venom flowing till the end of time!😲🐍

Well, for me when I built my first pair of DIY cables made of Goertz M1 flat wire… I swear that they “sounded” better then my Monoprice 12ga in-wall installation cables! 😮 I sat down 5 feet away and did hours of AB testing… Nowadays I’m not so sure 😅.

So here is where I stand these days: Solid construction and quality parts at reasonable prices!

The exact same banana plug style, made of the exact same brass material, can’t cost $2 at one company and $200 (exaggerating to get the paint across) from another. I know some companies have their “proprietary” alloys and silver mixes, etc. etc. But if you are listing a “brass” banana plug for 20x the price, I just don’t think you deserve my $$. Same with $15 or $40 per/ft wire, if your build construction and Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) is not much different then the offerings from $1-$5 per/ft then I do not see a reason to splurge 10-20x the extra cost. Let alone if you are an “audiophile” company your description is “solid brass banana plug”!!! Show me the specs sheets!!! 😤

If you are spending more then $300-$400 a pair, you may be entering the snake pit. Be like me and make your own for $50-$70 bucks! I shall call it the…

Krait Speaker Cable

Specs: 10ft long, Brass Banana Plugs w/t 2 set screws, 6in Speaker End Leads, 8in Amplifier End leads, Braided Shield, Shrink Tubed Banana Plugs Casings to prevent shorts.

I won’t dive into the parts description too much, I will leave that for another entry. However, I did more research ten I am willing to admit!😁 It all came down to the cable as the star player. Canare is a VERY well known brand in pro audio, and it is widely used in recording studios alongside Mogami, which was my 2nd choice! Both brands are Made in Japan and provide the proper tech data and measurements about their cables! Their quality is 2nd to none, and Mogami has a slightly better construction/materials, but costs 4x as much 😥. Both are top choices!

Canare 4S11 Datasheet

I want to introduce you to the Krait Speaker Cable! 😎😂 🐍🐍🐍

You don’t need much to build this cable:
1) Sharp Utility Knife
2) Wire Strippers
3) Lighter or Heat Gun (preferably)
4) Small Flathead Screw Driver (optional)
5) Ruler
6) Marker or a Pen to mark your cable cuts

Krait Parts list or Bill of Materials (BOM)

IndexDescriptionBuy LinkPrice
1Sewell Silverback Banana PlugsAmazon or Sewell Direct$15.99 (pack)
2Speaker Cable (Single) 4-Conductor Speaker Cable (4S11)Performance Audio$23.80 ($1.19ft)
3Adhesive Shrink Tube 3:1 3/4 Inch (19mm) 3:1 Heat Shrink Tubing 4 Ft BlackAmazon$6.98 (4ft)
4 Adhesive Shrink Tube 3:1 3/8″ (9.5mm) Black & Red 4FtAmazon$8.99 (pack)
530ft PET Expandable Sleeving Flexo Wire Cable Sleeve (2/5″)Amazon$8.20
6Oatey 0.6-in x 43-ft Plumber’s TapeLowes$1.98
(excl shipping)
Krait Speaker Cable 3/13/2021

For item #3 you can also buy a Black and Red pack of Adhesive Shrink Tube 3:1 19.1mm at this link on Amazon.

Alternatively you can purchase everything from Performance Audio for a CHEAPER build. However the Banana Plugs are more expensive, and they say “up to 12ga” wire, however I am sure they are the same style and will be ok with 11ga. Also Performance Audio does not have Adhesive Heat Shrink Tube. The Sumitomo Heat Shrink tube they have does not shrink well with the “lighter” method. Use a heat gun or constantly move the lighter so you do not overheat and burn the shrink tube. Outside of some charring, it worked out very well for me and it has a solid grip! Also they did not have a cool Venomous Snake Braided Sleeving! HOW ELSE WILL MY CABLES SOUND BETTER?!?!? 🐍🐍🐍😂😎

Krait (Economy Version) Parts list or Bill of Materials (BOM)

IndexDescriptionBuy LinkPrice
1Performance Audio Banana Plugs with Black Aluminum Shell Bi-Wire Kit (2 Pair)Performance Audio$19.96 (2packs)
2Speaker Cable (Single) 4-Conductor Speaker Cable (4S11)Performance Audio$23.80 ($1.19ft)
3Sumitomo Sumitube B2(3X) 18/6mm Flexible Polyolefin 3:1 Heat Shrink Tubing – Black (By the Foot)Performance Audio$1.52
4Sumitomo Sumitube B2(3X) 9/3mm Flexible Polyolefin 3:1 Heat Shrink Tubing – Black (By the Foot)Performance Audio$2.04 (4ft)
5Sumitomo Sumitube B2(3X) 9/3mm Flexible Polyolefin 3:1 Heat Shrink Tubing – Red (By the Foot)Performance Audio$2.04 (4ft)
6Techflex Flexo PET Expandable Braided Sleeving (3/8″ Black, By the Foot)Performance Audio$7.92
(excl Shipping, maybe Free?)
Krait Speaker Cable 3/13/2021

Well it looks like you can save like $9 but depends on shipping, it might make a $20-$25 difference! See which works best for you!

Here are some additional photos from the build to help out of something is not clear in the video. It is pretty easy to build the cable, however 1st time mess ups are common 😁.

Happy building you all! Let me know how they turn out! 😁