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    DIY Speaker Cables – How to Build Your Own High Quality Speaker Wire (w/t Canare 4S11 Made in Japan)

    How do you make speaker wire cables that can rival cables costing hundreds of dollars? Watch my video and read on of course! 😎

    Cables, source for MUCH debate in the audio world. It’s “Snake Oil” vs “Your Just Deaf”! Can audio cables make your sound system sound better or different? Well, if you are like me, you will DIY your own pair of Venomous Snakes with an infinite amount of SNAKE OIL to lubricate your ears! 😮🐍😎🐍😂🐍

    So here is the Krait Cable Build! Made form Canare 4s11 Oxygen Free Coper Wire (Made in Japan), in a star quad configuration to give you an 11 gauged wire! Paired with solid brass banana plugs, with two set screws that will keep that venom flowing till the end of time!😲🐍

  • Polk Speaker Disassembly Tweeter woofer Replacement CSi A6
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    Polk Speaker Disassembly and Tweeter Replacement – DIY or buy Consumer Grade Speakers?

    It has been super busy the last few weeks so I did not have much time for DIY. However I did put together this quick video showing the speaker disassembly and tweeter replacement of the Polk CSi A6 Center Channel Speaker. It is a lot of speaker for $150 new, but I was lucky enough to get it very cheap used, BUT the tweeter was blown! 😒

    Was it worth it replacing the tweeter? Is it worth buying this center channel new, or should I spend $150 on a DIY kit?

    Replacing the tweeter or woofers is easy, as you can see in the video, all you need is a set of Hex Keys and the replacement drivers.