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    First DIY Speaker Build ZX Spectrum Desing by Paul Carmody – Lessons Learned

    I finally got around making another video. It has been tough getting back into it with all the work and personal life.
    This time I want to showcase my first major DIY build that started it all for me. My Red DIY speakers, the ZX Spectrum. They are designed by Paul Carmody, the maker of the very famous DIY Speakers Overnight Sensations and Amiga. I think this was an overlooked design, because of it’s more expensive components.

    Check out my latest DIY video 📺 bellow 😁.

  • DIY Acoustic Panels

    DIY Acoustic Panels – Fast Build with Professional High-Performance Acoustical Material (RockBoard 60)

    Have you considered acoustic treatment for your home? There is just too much reverberations and echo in your room, or you want to quiet down your room. Great! Lets do it! How much? $80 for a 2’x4′ a panel + shipping!!!! Can I DIY it cheaper? Yes!

    I build mine around $45 per panel by using premium/professional acoustic material, but if you select cheaper acoustic material you can get that close to $35-$40 per panel!!!! (even cheaper if plywood goes down) 😎

    Check out my latest DIY video 📺 bellow 😁.

  • DIY Road Bike Stand

    The Road Bike Stand

    So after a few weekends of chore projects I decided to make something fun and creative. I didn’t want to spend time designing anything, and I just wanted to get into building ASAP!

    So here it is, (as my fiend called it) the “Trophy” road bike stand 🤣!

    It definitely had the trophy/commemorative plaque kind of feel without the paintjob, but once I put some color on it, it looks pretty slick!

    It took me about 2.5hours to make a functional bike stand, and 1/2 of that time was spent eyeballing dimensions and looking for my tools. Painting, also took about 2 hours, spread over a few days. So with a simple sketch, you can make yourself a functional stand in about an hour!👍

    You can check out how I built the stand on my YouTube channel! I thought it would be an easy video to edit, as I decided not to explain any of the steps, but it turned out that it took me way longer to make the video then to make stand! I think I am getting better at editing, but I have to stop making 15 minute videos of me walking around, it’s a pain sift through and edit out the 30 seconds of actual content! I hope you enjoy!😁