• Polk Speaker Disassembly Tweeter woofer Replacement CSi A6
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    Polk Speaker Disassembly and Tweeter Replacement – DIY or buy Consumer Grade Speakers?

    It has been super busy the last few weeks so I did not have much time for DIY. However I did put together this quick video showing the speaker disassembly and tweeter replacement of the Polk CSi A6 Center Channel Speaker. It is a lot of speaker for $150 new, but I was lucky enough to get it very cheap used, BUT the tweeter was blown! 😒

    Was it worth it replacing the tweeter? Is it worth buying this center channel new, or should I spend $150 on a DIY kit?

    Replacing the tweeter or woofers is easy, as you can see in the video, all you need is a set of Hex Keys and the replacement drivers.